Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sydney, Australia: The Plane Ride Part One: LA Flight Part One

One of my most recent adventures was three months ago with my best friend Flora. We had so much fun in Sydney walking around doing our own thing, but I guess before I get ahead of myself I should probably start from our plane ride. Because that's always worth writing and reading.
It was the day of the reading SOL and I was supposed to leave the room at two o'clock, it was ten minutes to two. It just had to be that SOL day that we started late, I looked at the bottom of the testing screen. 57 out of 60 questions had been done. Looking back on it, I kind of sped through the whole test seeing how I had only thirty minutes to get my stuff out of my locker and into my backpack and out the front door of the school.

I finished the test with five minutes to spare, I gathered my stuff, said bye to the friends I actually liked and sprinted towards the library. Genius? Wasn't it? I had to do something on the flight so I decided to print out my power point and do some character profiling. After that I raced down stairs and got my stuff out of my locker. I checked my phone, two minutes! Where the hell was Flora?!

"Sorry!" Flora said running down the hall passing me heading to her locker.

"Don't apologize to me! We've got like a minute before your dad comes!" I said heading towards her. Mickey Mouse purse swinging from the crook of my arm. When we got out side, her dad wasn't there. I saw the ice cream truck... I wanted a snow cone badly and no one was going to stop me. I rummaged five dollars out of my pocket.

"I'll be right back, watch my stuff. I'm getting a snow cone." I said.

"Q, you better hurry!" Flora said as I ran up the hill towards the truck. As I got my snow cone Flora's dad pulled up.

"I'm coming!" I yelled.


I couldn't believe it! I was actually on my way to Australia! I could've sworn that the last six months of my life were just a dream and I was going to wake up back in January and have to relive all the s*** I went through between now and then. Which was too much. As I put our stuff in the over head compartment and sat down. I grinned at Flora, we were on our way!

I took out my iPhone, put my head phones in and turned on my tunes. After about twenty minutues "Glee" got a bit annoying to listen to so I put my headphones into the seat and guess what was playing on the Broadway channel... Wicked! Defying Gravity, I really badly want to see that musical.

Anyway, we were up in the air on our to LA so we could get on our connecting flight to Sydney! As I was listening to the Broadway music I grabbed the power point I had printed at school and started flipping through the pages, too many characters...

Teen Travels, #1

I've been many places, so I'll be posting about different things and different places, each will be compiled into sections. For example, for a few weeks I'll be typing about my travels in Paris, during another month I'll talk about Sydney, Australia. I've been many places and had whole s*** load of fun, I hope you're ready to hear about my adventures, because this is going to get interesting. Just so you know I will be posting only once or twice a week. When the title is something like, Teen Travels #_, that means I'm just informing you on something, or I'm taking a trip.
See you in my travels!